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Hello MichelleFit Fans! In this video Michelle shares the “3 Things You Must Do Before Executing Any Exercise” to significantly reduce your risk of injury while exercising. Learn how to set up for an exercise and how to execute with proper technique. (more…)Michelle discusses event and adventure training with Derick and Lois on RogersTV show Daytime including how to prepare, equipment to bring and what to eat. (more…)Michelle discusses running shoes including the differences between various types of running shoes plus tips for picking the proper shoe for your activity with Derick and Lois on RogersTV show Daytime. (more…)Michelle demonstrates some fun couples exercises with Derick and Lois on RogersTV show Daytime. (more…)It’s a well known fact in the fitness industry that right around this time of year the majority of those who started a new fitness program in January are beginning to feel overwhelmed, frustrated and unmotivated to continue and therefore decide to give up and jump off the fitness bandwagon. My message to you this month is DO NOT GIVE UP! Change is about to happen and once it does you will feel great about yourself, your determination and the results! (more…)For those of you who are frequent gym goers it’s no surprise that January to March is the busiest time of the year at the gym. This time of year brings with it a slew of people vowing to make healthier changes to their lifestyle. Are you one of these people? (more…)Michelle shares an easy to follow guide on starting and maintaining a successful long-term fitness lifestyle by creating a step-by-step goal plan with Derick and Lois on RogersTV show Daytime. (more…)

The holidays are a wonderful time of year filled with social celebrations, gift giving and reflecting on the things we are thankful for. For those of us trying to stick with our fitness and weight loss goals however it can be challenging! The additional social events bring with it more eating out at restaurants, more drinking, more baked goods and of course the main event, the holiday meal. (more…)

The holiday season is just around the corner and for many people this time of year tends to cause more unwanted stress then usual. There are many reasons for stress on any given day but for this time of year more often then not people will tell you that they feel financially stressed (due to the increase in expenses), emotionally stressed (perhaps a recent death in the family triggers feelings of sadness), socially stressed (due to the increase in holiday parties, family visits and therefore the presence of more food and alcohol), or all of the above!

(more…)Michelle shares some interesting facts on pumpkins and demonstrates some fun family friendly obstacles with Derick and Lois on RogersTV show Daytime. (more…)