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Busy Mamas UN-Frazzle Your Life Course

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Welcome you Beautifully Frazzled Mama!


Frazzled moms make for a frazzled household. Period. Stressed out, over-worked, exhausted moms bring about unhappy households with anxious children that grow up unable to navigate through difficult life situations. If you’re anything like me, you definitely don’t want this for your child.

Let’s face it, it’s impossible to BE everyone and DO everything, especially when you’re not at your best. The more you can physically and emotionally take care of yourself the better able you will be to care for others. This is especially true for mothers who are juggling paid work with unpaid household duties plus raising young children.

As a busy entrepreneur and mother of two beautiful, energetic kids, I know how difficult it can be to find the time for self-care. As a person who has suffered tremendously from anxiety and depression, I know how difficult it can be to come back from that dark place. But, I also know the importance of prioritizing my health as it has such a positive impact on my daily life as a mom. I know how vibrant, confident and powerful I feel with consistent self-care.

“How can I make this happen? I just don’t have the time.”

Listen, I know you’re busy, we’re all busy, and the thought of taking time for yourself seems undoable but there’s a reason why you’re here searching for something more. Perhaps you’ve recognized that something in your life isn’t working and you’re realizing that you need to make some changes because your health is starting to suffer. It takes strength and courage to recognize when you need some help so thank yourself for that. And don’t worry, you’re not alone, EVERYONE needs a little help sometimes and there’s no shame in asking for it. So, whatever the reason, you are here and ready to make a change. You’re fed up with how you’re feeling and ready to take control of your life.

Because you really want to go to bed each night knowing that you’re setting the best possible example for your children and to wake each day feeling healthy, energized and empowered.

Let’s be clear … I can’t magically make all your problems disappear. AND I can’t do the work for you. Why? No one can change your life except YOU. You have to decide to make the change and do the work, no excuses. This program will challenge you to become an active participant in your own self-care and show you how you can simplify your life in order to transform your health and wellness goals into action. The knowledge and life skills gained from this course are truly invaluable and the lessons you learn will stay with you for the rest of your life!

Busy Mamas UN-Frazzle Your Life Course

This 8-week self-care course is designed specifically for moms who are feeling overwhelmed and need help simplifying their life but aren’t sure where to start. You’ll discover and apply my Top 10 Health and Wellness Solutions that ALL moms need in order to live a happier, healthier life. With my guidance, and your dedication, you'll feel more in-control of your life after completing this course!

How It Works: You’ll receive access to the private Members Only area of my website where you'll receive 8-weeks of video lessons conveniently located in your personal profile area. Each week is a new theme which consists of three short lessons for each theme. Each module is automatically unlocked once the previous lesson is marked complete. You’ll also receive all the necessary worksheets, infographics and resources required to complete the lessons. I recommend you set aside only 60 minutes each week to watch the lessons and fully absorb the material plus complete any tasks associated with the lessons (if you wish to be even more successful with this course then set aside 30 minutes each day for your self-care!). Some lessons consist of just a short video, while other lessons will require time to complete the required action items. You see, I’m not just telling you what to do, you’re actually going to apply what you learn!

The Busy Mamas UN-Frazzle Your Life Course Overview:

Week 1 – Welcome, Course Overview and Self-Discovery

Week 2 – Simplifying and Decluttering Your Life

Week 3 – Mastering Your Mindset

Week 4 – Creating Your Support Network

Week 5 – Reducing Stress and Creating Your Sleep Ritual

Week 6 – Nutrition and Exercise

Week 7 – Staying Motivated and On-Track

Week 8 – Looking Back, Looking Forward

Your investment includes:

  • The Busy Mamas UN-Frazzle Your Life Course that’s automatically delivered to the exclusive Members Only area of my website provided in video and audio format so you can take it with you anywhere!;
  • ONE BONUS 20-minute Private Coaching call with Michelle tailored to whichever theme(s) you wish to discuss. We’ll chat privately online via Skype (select from available time slots);
  • Lifetime access to the exclusive Members Only area of my website where you access all your personal worksheets, infographics and resources required to complete the actionable lessons (aka homework);
  • Access to our private Facebook VIP Lounge where current and past clients ask questions, share thoughts and get ideas for program success in a positive, supportive environment;
  • Access to the MichelleFit TV newsletter filled with lots of juicy info, tips and tricks to keep you motivated;
  • Free exercise videos that you can do with me outdoors or in the privacy of your home;
  • A happier, more fulfilled life so you can capture your confidence and passion for life; and
  • A more meaningful connection with your children and assurance knowing that you’re teaching them healthy habits.

This program is for you if you’re…

  • A busy mom who feels like your life is a vicious cycle of always feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted;
  • Motivated to learn and implement the strategies required to simplify your life and optimize your health;
  • Desperate and ready for change so you can ditch the struggle and live your happiest life!

The change you’ve been waiting for is here!
Are YOU ready?