MichelleFit on Daytime RogersTV (Holiday Health Tips)

The holidays are a wonderful time of year filled with social celebrations, gift giving and reflecting on the things we are thankful for. For those of us trying to stick with our fitness and weight loss goals however it can be challenging! The additional social events bring with it more eating out at restaurants, more drinking, more baked goods and of course the main event, the holiday meal. Did you know that many people eat an additional 3000-5000 calories on Christmas Day? Wow!

So what can YOU do to get through this holiday season without packing on the pounds while still enjoying your seasonal favorites?

· Exercise! Try to maintain your current exercise regime or make a 30 minute workout more effective by incorporating high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

· Eat. Yes that’s right, eat! Many people fast all day then overload their dinner plate. Instead eat as you regularly would during the day and avoid going hungry to any party so you avoid this trap. Now your body will use the food as fuel instead of storing as fat.

· Schedule your holiday meals earlier in the day (between 2-5pm) to allow more time for the body to digest before hitting the sack.

· Limit heavy carb overload by serving a beautiful green salad and a veggie tray as an appetizer. Try to find healthier versions of your favorite holiday menu items.

· Serve water before and during dinner to aid in digestion and trigger fullness faster.

· Slow down your eating. It takes your brain and stomach approximately 20 minutes to communicate with each other that you are full so take your time, mingle and enjoy your meal and you may feel full before your plate is empty.

· Take a meal break. Go for a walk around the neighbourhood and check out Christmas lights before dessert.

· Moderation. It’s okay to nibble on your favorite things of the season but keep in mind that the key to avoiding holiday weight gain is to avoid over-eating so try to limit the amount of high-calorie treats.

Posted on January 6, 2013